Vitamin Shots

With only seconds to set up, administer and complete, a vitamin shot is the perfect on-the-go solution.


Glutathione is a powerful antioxidant that protects cells from free radicals and toxins. It is known as the "Master Antioxidant" and can give your skin a brighter and more radiant glow. This NutriBooster is popular among Hollywood actors and models.

Vitamins: L-glutathione

Sunny D

Vitamin D, also known as the "sunshine hormone," is essential for bone health, immune system function, and mood regulation. Many people are deficient in Vitamin D, especially if they don't live in tropical regions. This shot provides a high dose of Vitamin D to improve mood, sleep, and concentration.

Vitamins: Vitamin D

Body Boost

This shot combines MIC (methionine, inositol, choline) and B12 to boost metabolism, energy, and burn stubborn fat. It is recommended to use this shot alongside a healthy diet and exercise.

Vitamins: MIC-B12

Co-Enzyme Q10

CoQ10 plays a critical role in energy production, muscle recovery, and circulation. This shot is perfect for individuals with low energy, athletes, and those looking to improve recovery.

Vitamins: CoQ10

Anti-Aging Booster

NAD+ is a molecule that can improve brain function, memory, and mood. It also protects cell DNA and mitochondria to increase energy levels and cellular reproduction.

Vitamins: NAD+

Super Bs Booster

This shot contains six B vitamins, including Methyl cobalamin B12, to support mood, energy, memory, immune system, hair, and nail health.

Vitamins: B-Complex

B12 Energy Booster

Vitamin B12 is a critical vitamin that is required for many reactions in the body, including detoxification pathways. This shot offers double the amount of B12 compared to the Super Bs Booster.

Vitamins: B12